Educator’s Guide

Educator’s Guide for Illegal, by Bettina Restrepo

Please feel free to reproduce and distribute this educational guide in conjunction.

The ideas offered here are meant to be a spring board for you and your students, offering you ideas to help them learn.  Adapt these to the needs of your students.

Elements of the Novel
❍ Characters, Plot, Setting, Perspective, Themes
General questions and literary terms
Discussion writing and research
Multi-Modal Project Ideas
Chapter questions student study guide
Chapter by Chapter Questions fom the Teacher
6 word memoir

Generous thanks to Greg Coleman, an AP English teacher in Denton, TX, who wrote the Educator’s Guide to Illegal.

Additional Classroom Ideas
These are pictures of the “real” Quitman street.  Have students draw a map to Nora’s world.  How is what they imagined different than the pictures?

Teacher’s – if you have a unique concept that you used while teaching Illegal, please submit your ideas here!  I will post “best of the inbox ideas” here in Illegal’s educator guide.

A guide to to selecting anti-bias children’s books.