Bettina’s selfie

Here are a few facts about Bettina.

❍ She hears voices in her head. (sort-of)
❍ She walks the dog twice a day (not in her pajamas).
❍ She can’t function without a nap or read a map (really).
❍ She tells stories in afternoon carpool about dogs, storm troopers, and boys who drive soda trucks.
❍ Occasionally, she makes dinner (badly).

How does Bettina say her last name?  Rest (as in take a nap) Repo (like if you take too many naps, they will take away your car).  It doesn’t hurt her feelings if you say it wrong – because she’s just not that picky.

Bettina received her Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993. She flunked economics her freshman year and decided a business degree wasn’t a good idea.  She found literature and writing were her best fit.  For fun, she played cymbals in the band.

She spent many years in the corporate world being an Internal Auditor and wearing pantyhose (not fun).  She is married, lives near Dallas under the disguise of “Mommy”.

Facts about Bettina
• She speaks Spanish poorly and her German is even worse. This is because her parents argued over which language to speak in the house.
• She worked at McDonald’s in high school . While other kids were cruising on Saturday night, she was working in the the drive thru at the rate of $3.35 an hour and sneak-reading chapters between orders.
• She argued with her high school English teachers A LOT. They were correct about passive sentences but wrong about Animal Farm.
• She was an Internal Auditor for ten years.  She has since retired herself from doing any sort of accounting and does not do math after 4 pm.
• She is described as “quirky” , “endearingly weird”, and “Dr. Pepper-coming-out-of your-nose—funny.”  She thinks this is great.
• She was a band geek and choir nerd.  She still is.
• She attended schools all over the world, but her favorite school was San Patricio’s in Bogota, Colombia.
• Halloween is a big deal at her house. Yes, she is married to Darth Vader.

Bettina in one of her many costumes. Circa 1991

Now Bettina has to escort her husband around the neighborhood instead of getting to dress up.