Fl (awed)

I’m beginning a new series of essays on every day moments.  Many of these stories will be based on painful & uncomfortable memories along with colossal failures.

You are included

We are all born into pain – gasping and wailing for breath. Eyes brim with water  and shed tears.  Tears shed from stress are chemically different from tears shed from onion fumes.  My theory (proven from life not scientific study) is that all pain – physical and emotional – weigh the same in our psyche and are only defined by the experience and lasting results they have on our life.

None of us will ever escape or dull the pain life will provide.

Preaching to the Choir

When we are in the midst of turmoil and change – it sucks.  Big Time.

Thousands of cliches exist to explain disappointment – I even have a Pinterest board filled with quotes to help me shovel out of the dark places my mind likes to go skinny dipping.  When the sh@# is hitting the fan, the last thing we want to hear about is God’s will or finding a window.

So – what do we do with the awful moments of pain?  If you’re smarter than me the solution won’t be Girl Scout cookies.  My biggest emotional pain is anxiety fueled by unreasonable expectations.

Make it stop!!!

Your emotional pain stands unique.  It could be watching your child struggle, opening ancient boxes leftover from a failed marriage, or rereading rejections letters – they can all feel like stepping on Legos in your bare feet at 2:30 AM.

What do we do?  Swear, kick, eat junk food, drink wine… maybe even swallow a pill. Our first reaction is to dull the pain and remove the offending object.  Like I mentioned before, my first reaction is to find food to quiet the pain.

The After effect – problem not solved.

If we really want to stop and cure our emotional pain – it requires us to notice and acknowledge its presence.

Therapists recommend that we learn to experience and live through the pain.  It feels like showing up to a Crossfit gym.  The first few weeks hurt like hell and you’ll probably throw up.  With time, you will get stronger. Here’s the kicker:

The Pain will still exist.  Life will still be challenging, people and situation will still scar your heart.  The change will occur in how you experience and then move beyond the pain.

The change will occur in how you experience, withstand and move through it.

I hope these stories provide a ray of hope during the tornado.  To show all of us how the flaw and transform to the Awe.