Grants for Author Visits

Do you really want an author to visit your school, but don’t have any money? Here are some ideas to find the money through grants.

Inviting an author to your school can add up, but, the pay offs will ripple through your students for years to come.  It can’t be measured in test scores—but the inspiration will result in more students reading, writing and investigating.

Many foundations and organization provide grants that can supplement or even cover the cost of an author visit.  Sometimes, the money is just sitting there waiting for someone to just turn in an application!  Below is a list of organizations (in no particular order)  that provide funds to schools to bring authors to the classroom.

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Adopt a classroom

The Amber Brown Grant Applications are accepted yearly from November 1—December 31.

Texas Commission on the Arts
P.O. Box 13406, Austin, TX 78711-3406          512/463-5535
[email protected]

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

The National Endowment of the Arts—Literature

Target Arts Grants

Donors Choose

Barnes &Noble co-sponsorship

Division of the Arts Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, & Tourism
1051 North 3rd Street,  P.O. Box 44247,         Baton Rouge, LA 70804,         225/342-8180
[email protected]

New Mexico Arts
PO Box 1450, Santa Fe, NM 87504                     505/827-6490

Oklahoma Arts Council
P.O. Box 52001-2001,  Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2001           405/521-2931

Other ways to fund an authors visit:

1. PTSA. If you plan ahead, you may be able to get a yearly fund from your PTSA/PTO to support visiting authors or illustrators.

2. The book fair!

3. Make it part of your school library budget—perhaps funded by the lost/late books fine.   Many schools put the visits into their cultural affairs budget

4. Ask a local business or service club  to sponsor the visit.

5. Partner with other schools or libraries in your area to share fees. If you are hosting an author or illustrator from out of town you could share on travel and hotel fees. Ask parents to donate airplane or hotel miles.

6. Title I monies.

7. Raffle off the author’s books or “lunch with the author” or some other special author-related opportunity to fund the visit.