Bettina Restrepo’s Purpose & Bio

Bettina’s selfie

What Bettina Does

Bettina is a writer and teacher who believes in the transformative power of story to children of all ages.

While teaching and mentoring in the public schools, she extracts stories from reluctant readers and writers.  Her philosophy is that it doesn’t matter how the story comes out – only that it does.

She teaches children to write horrible first drafts with fantastical possibilities. Then, she convinces the students to seek editorial “love” to improve their work through multiple revisions.

Official Bio ‘Stuff’

Bettina received her Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993. She played cymbals in the Longhorn Band because she likes loud clappy pieces of brass.

She spent many years in the corporate world being an Internal Auditor and wearing pantyhose (not fun).  She is married, lives near Dallas under the disguise of “Mommy”.

How do you pronounce her name?

Restrepo is an unusual name.  It’s Colombian.  Rest (as in take a nap) and Repo (like take away your car).

Fun Facts about Bettina

❍ She worked at McDonald’s in high school and read between orders at the drive thru.
❍ Halloween is a big deal at her house and she is married to Darth Vader.

Bettina in one of her many costumes. Circa 1991
Now Bettina has to escort her husband around the neighborhood instead of getting to dress up.