Visit Form

1.  What dates are you looking to have Bettina visit your school?

2.     How far away from your school is Frisco, Texas?

A.  Events over 50 miles will incur travel/ gasoline costs.

B.  Events over 150 miles will incur an overnight stay.

3. What are you looking for in an author visit?

(student inspiration,  hands on teaching, pure entertainment, etc.)

4. The average visit runs (without travel expenses) between $600-$800 dollars depending on the number of presentations.

A.  Does your school have funding for this type of event?

B.  If you cannot afford the travel expenses, can you obtain a partner school to share the cost of the author?  (Author visits both schools)

5. Bettina can do up to 4 presentations a day.  Some of her presentations are better suited to the small classroom (Moose and Magpie) while others are fine for large auditoriums (The Magic of Reading).  Which presentations are you most interested?

6.  For your information:  Bettina requires a simple signed contract to confirm a school visit.  50% cancellation fee will be invoiced to the hosting organization if the author event is cancelled within 14 days of event  (withholding acts of weather, nature or flu contamination).

Bettina comes from a family of schoolteachers and is very respectful of your budgetary constraints, but she cannot do free visits.  Each visit is customized to your school and she will give you the fairest price.

She is a mother of a special needs child and likes to visit the special education classroom free of charge with any paid visit.  She works well with hyperactive and inattentive children.

Please cut/paste these questions into an email to bettina(at) bettinarestrepo (dot com).  (Hopefully that pesky trick will keep the spam monsters away!)

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  1. Hi Bettina,
    I have changed schools this year and am now the librarian at Lida Hooe Elementary in Oak Cliff. I am hoping to bring a similar event to this school as I had at Urban Park for Young Authors Day. They haven’t had a librarian here for two years so I have a lot of making up to do and at this point am not entirely sure of whether or not I can pull the event off this year, but I will try. What are your rates these days? Would you be available sometime in May? I have 440 kids this year from Pre-K to 5th. I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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