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  1. you are my hero. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. today at school we have to write a letter to our hero and I choose you because your books make me want to read more books. I love the fact that your books leave me wanting more. I look up to you because you’re such a good Role Model. When I grow up I would like to be like you. Writing books inspiring people to read and write books. I was wondering if you could send a book to me with your signature on it because I would think that is cool because I don’t have anything like that. I really wanted your autograph but you live so far. Could you send me a book with your autograph in it? It would really mean a lot to me.I tried to find books like it but I can’t find any. Do you have any books you know that are like that? Who keeps you going? Like who keeps encouraging you to write more books? I love your books u are my hero. Even if you could send me a book mark I would really appreciate it. Thank you again. You are the best.
    Love, danya

    1. Dear Danya,
      Thank you so much for writing and I so appreciate your enthusiasm.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any free books to send. But, I would be happy to send you a signed bookmark or a signed bookplate.

      If you are interested, please have your parents provide me your address in a private email listed on my contact page.

      Best Regards,
      Bettina Restrepo

  2. Hi Bettina, We met last year at TAIR at LeTourneau University. My middle school kids are devouring your book, Illegal. Unfortunately I only have 4 copies and they stay checked out. Your book isn’t listed on Follett and I couldn’t find any locally at BooksAMillion. Where is the best place to get more copies?…….and fast?

  3. Hi I’m contacting you because I’m entering your story as part of my UIL event in Texas in two weeks. One of the requirements for this category is that the author be born after 1960. If you can please reply with your birthdate to validify your age, that would be much appreciated.

    Thank you, Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie,
      I wrote you on your personal email address (since I don’t want to put that info readily on the web), but I can verify that I was born in the US after 1960. Also, I’m so excited to hear that you are doing Illegal. Prose? Solo? Which passage.

      (I did prose way back in my high school days!)


    1. Dear Elizabeth,

      Thank you so much. There is never a greater compliment than a reader wanting to know more. As of right now, there won’t be a sequel or companion book to Illegal. To me, Nora still lives on Quitman street. It’s Flora who always has me thinking!

      My next book is called Telenovela – so I’m continuing with Latino themes.

      Once again, thanks so much for writing!

  4. Wow – you have really been on my mind lately so I looked you up ! I am so excited for your career! You are such an amazing woman and so well rounded. It’s ok if you cook badly. Your writing and math skills run circles around any dinner. Be well and I hope to keep in touch. Please let us know if you are ever in San Antonio. I can’t wait to read your book ! Will the Telenovela book be based on Columbian adventures? Be well, stay great and I hope ot hear back from you.

  5. Hi, I contacting you on behalf of one of my students. I’m a middle school librarian in Montana and one of my girls just finished “Illegal” and she is adamant there has to be a sequal. Any plans at such?
    Thank you

    1. Dear Diane,

      Thank you so much for writing and I’m thrilled your student enjoyed Illegal. But, there will be no sequel except in the minds of the readers. Nora ‘left’ the nest in the epilogue and went on to live a life beyond my literary reach. Flora hung around in my head for a while, but then, she too grew legs and walked down Quitman Street.

      Encourage the student to write her own sequel over summer vacation. Thank you again, little notes like these make my day!

  6. LOVE YOUR BOOK, ILLEGAL!! I just have a few questions: 1). What was your childhood like? 2). How would you summarize Illegal? 3). Any interesting facts about yourself? (sorry, these are for a book report for my Honors Reading class)

    1. Hi Chastity,

      My childhood filled with lots of moving as my Dad was in the military, and with family all over the world, we always seemed to be on ‘the go’ somewhere. I loved books and always carried them with me.

      Now – I can’t do your homework for you, so you’ll have to summarize Illegal in your own words 🙂

      Interesting facts about me can be found here on my website…. but you’ll have to read to find it. Here’s a hint, what’s my favorite time of the year and why?

      Please than your teacher for including Illegal on her reading list!


  7. Bettina, it was such a pleasure to meet you the other day at the Harvest Fair!!!…
    Let me know if we can get together sometime.
    El Alce y la Urraca – voices!!!…=)

  8. Dear Gary,

    I use a custom comment form plugin Version | By Taylor Lovett | that was highly rated on WordPress. Try it as it has some variability. Plus I have Askmit to help control the spam.

    I hold it helps. -Bettina

  9. Bettina,
    I have just read Illegal and I loved the story. My question is how familiar are you with the immigrant background? I am reading your story for my college class, and I am wondering if you had actual experience with immigrants such as Nora. If you could e-mail me a response that would be great.
    Thank you!
    Tiffany Marsh

  10. Mrs. Bettina,
    I was wondering what kind of experience you had with illegal immigrants before you wrote the book Illegal. Were a lot of things in this story true? I am working on a project for class and these answers would really help me out.
    Tiffany Marsh

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